James Tidwell October 29, 2018

IT Experts Need Not Be Frightened Of AIOver 50% of general work profiles are encountering the risk of disturbance over the coming 2 Years owing to automation, as per a forecast by Teamlease Services. On the other hand, this does not essentially imply job losses since automation might throw up new job opportunities for those getting replaced, experts claimed.

A study by Teamlease Services, on the basis of info from secondary sources, predicts 52–69% of predictive and repetitive jobs in sectors comprising financial services, IT, transportation, manufacturing, shipping, and packaging to get exposed to the danger of automation in the coming few years.

“The info implies danger of automation. On the other hand, that does not indicate it will result in a job loss essentially,” claimed co-founder of Teamlease Services, Rituparna Chakraborty, to the media in an interview. “There is a nuance that most individuals lose out on ‘substitution of jobs’ and ‘jobs disappearing’,” claimed partner at Deloitte, Debabrat Mishra, to the media in an interview.

On a related note, digital revolution in the tech segment is augmenting the requirement for professionals with particular skills in regions such as cloud, cyber security, and data analytics. In addition, these verticals will add over 5 Million jobs all over the world by the end of 2027, claims a study.

As per a study by IDC (a market intelligence firm supported by Cisco), there is a noteworthy skill scarcity for many of these jobs and thus chances are high for IT professionals with particular certifications and skills.  The “most important jobs” according to the study report cover different IT functions such as cyber security, data analytics/management, applications/software development, IT infrastructure, and digital transformation.

Area-wise, Asia Pacific will attain 2.9 Million “most important” jobs in the upcoming decade, whereas North America will get 1.2 Million such jobs with Latin America 0.6 Million roles.

James Tidwell

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