James Tidwell October 19, 2018
U.S. Accused China Of Hacking U.S. Telecom Network Using Spy ChipsBloomberg Businessweek reported that Apple Inc. restated in a letter to U.S. Congress that it did not find any evidence regarding Chinese agents interfering with the microchip-based server. Other tech giants also claimed earlier that China had not provided them with any spy chips integrated hardware. But now Bloomberg has got some strong evidence in the form of documentation from a security researcher, Yossi Appleboum that a major US telecom has found some modified hardware from Super-Micro (microchip manufacturer) in its network. Bloomberg has published an investigative report which stated that in the year 2013, Chinese intelligence services had ordered to integrate faulty chips in Super-Micro server motherboards for a period of two years.

Different US telecom service providers including T-mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon simply stated that they are not affected by this malicious microchip. Sprint and AT&T openly announced that they do not use hardware manufactured by Super-Micro. It would be tough to get an answer if any company might be affected.

Appleboum is a co-chief executive officer of Sepia System, Gaithersburg. His company is majorly focused on hardware security testing and examined different data centers linked to the telecom company. They got to know that the server of the telecom company was modified in the manufacturing unit. Through the links in Western intelligence, he came to know that the device was manufactured at a factory of a Super-Micro’s subcontractor of in Guangzhou, China.

After the unusual interactions from the Super-Micro server and physical examination resulted that a device is integrated into the Ethernet connector of the server, connecting a network cable to the computer port.

After Bloomberg alleged against the attack of Super-Micro hacking devices, network security teams of cloud-computing, banking, research laboratories as well as startups have got active around the world and are thoroughly analyzing their hardware and servers for any manipulation in the devices

James Tidwell

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