James Tidwell October 9, 2018

NASA plans a spacewalk to investigate the hole at space stationNot much time has passes since this strange incident happened at the International Space Station, when a hole was created in one spacecraft which was attached to the station, which called for serious investigation of this issue. Both the space agencies including the NASA and Roscosmos, from the US and Russia respectively, did their best to investigate the issue. While most of the case was already solved, it seems that there is more to the story. On Wednesday, a recent development in the case came from the American space agency NASA, which issued a statement about the investigation of this leak and it has also showed confidence in the Soyuz spacecraft of Russia.

It all started on August 29, when a small hole was discovered in the Soyuz spacecraft which was attached to the ISS. When it was investigated, the first explanation was that it was caused by space debris, which was the reason for the puncture in the spacecraft. But later, it was found that it was actually a manufacturing error which was not corrected properly and hence this incident happened. The pressure leak was stopped by the team at the ISS pretty quickly after the hole was repaired.

The statement from the American space agency NASA has come soon after the general director of Roscosmos, named Dmitry Rogozin, said that the investigation has actually ruled out the defect that is said to have arisen during the manufacturing process. The man also added that this hole was made by someone intentionally, by using a drilling machine. But now, the ISS program has planned a spacewalk which is expected to happen around November this year and this will perhaps help in the examination of this hole, from a different perspective as it will be observed from outside.

James Tidwell

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