Victor Dill October 8, 2018

It’s been more than three years Google has refreshed its very famous product called as Chromecast. From last few months, we have been listening that Chromecast will come with some update, but it seems that someone is going to introduce a third generation Chromecast bit earlier. A post by Redditor shows a picture of an updated Chromecast he recently bought from the nearby Best Buy.

This Chromecast looked different than that of the typical Chromecast. But, no internal specifications were available due to such leak, as Google proved by altering its streaming dongle design. In a picture, the third generation Chromecast was kept at the right side of the second generation model for comparison, which made the differences between them clear. Both of these models have similar designs of a circular case covering the components with an HDMI cord attached which gets connected to TV. As said by Redditor, the new hardware will ditch magnetic connector which helps HDMI cable to manage easily.

Third-Gen Chromecast Design Leak, Showing Updated Logo Of Google

The other changes include the absence of a glossy looking plastic design, which got replaced by a matte coat. The third gen Chromecast is somewhat thicker than that of the previous model. The logo has been replaced by a letter “G” of Google which is seen on the other hardware devices. Also, this latest version has the microUSB port.

Some things about this version are still unclear, like the presence of Bluetooth connectivity or the upgraded Wi-Fi we have been looking for. The Redditor mentions about a Google Home application that it needs to have an update that can set up the new device that can possibly confirm the legitimacy of it. He also noted that, the Best Buy has SKU for the item like Chromecast which is held till the 9th of October, so we can assume that this product will be seen on sale during the launching day of Google’s NYC event.

Victor Dill

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