Victor Dill October 5, 2018

Ownpage, a French startup, recently proclaimed the roll out of Relike, a novel product. The latest launch will offer the users with the simplest methods to get started with email newsletters. They just need to enter the web address of their Facebook page and that’s about it. The firm can automatically pull users’ latest posts from their Facebook page and allows them to set up an emailing campaign in just a few clicks.

The user can select from two options. They can either automatically pick their most famous Facebook posts or choose some posts on their own. Just same as any emailing service, the user can select between numerous templates, choose any day of the week & time of the day to import a database of email addresses, and even more. The latest service, Relike, is free of charge if the user is sending less than 2,000 emails in a month and if they don’t want to go for advanced features.

On a similar note, Facebook earlier announced that it is about to launch a new product category, Facebook Portal, a video chat device. As per the latest reports, Facebook employees were engaged in testing this device in-house from the last few months. This portal is supposed to be open for the Facebook users in two screen sizes. The smaller version of Facebook Portal will cost about $300. At the same time, the user will have to pay $400 for the larger version of the same.

This portal is supposed to embrace a wide-angle video camera that can be guarded using a privacy shutter. This camera is supposed to employ artificial intelligence and identify individuals in its frame. It is programmed to track the movement of individuals throughout a room. Apparently, this device is supposed to work in a similar manner as that of Amazon Echo Show with social features.

Victor Dill

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