Sasha Farrell September 27, 2018


Tesla is going through a lot of problems since the past few months, and one of the most prevalent problems is that many employees are leaving the company one by one. Recently, an addition was made to the string of the departures that is going on since quite some time, as Tesla has lost another executive. According to the reports, Liam O’Connor, who is the vice president of the global supply management at the company, is the man who has decided to depart from the company while giving the same yet another blow.

The man had worked with several big companies before he joined Tesla some years ago, in 2015. Before joining Tesla, the man worked at the tech giant Apple, and specialized in the same field of supply management there as well. This departure of O’Connor is one of the many that happened over the span of the last few weeks. Many important positions have got vacant, as many senior executives have left the company. The other positions that have been vacated quite recently include those of head of human resources, chief accounting officer, and head of communications, among others.

While many executives have decided to leave the company, it is not as surprising as it should have been, as the company is facing many troubles with investors, along with the Justice Department, and the SEC. The surprising behavior of the CEO Elon Musk may also be another reason behind the same. But the company is trying hard to manage all the problems that it is going through right now and several decisions such as the corporate restructuring have been taken by the company. Now the company hopes that the impact of these decisions on the rest of the employees including the senior executives is good enough to make them stay for long.

Sasha Farrell

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