Sasha Farrell September 26, 2018

Social media giant Facebook has been given an ultimatum by European Commission to provide detailed information about what has been done with the user data is captured at the earliest or face sanctions. EU Commissioner Vera Jourova stated that though the firm has been told way back in February to update its terms of service it has not taken any steps in the right direction and if it fails to take any action as per its directives by December 31, 2018 Facebook will face stiff penalties. To ensure that service terms of Facebook and Airbnb complies with European Commission they had been directed to have transparent communication with its users.

The Commission made it very clear to Airbnb that it had to let guests and hosts know about details like actual price of bookings, fees and charges. Also guests and hosts had every right to know about each other to avoid unpleasant surprises along with information of what is being done with personal details collected from them. Ms. Jourova told the press conference that though Airbnb has complied with the directions of EU Commission for full transparency, the same had not been done by Facebook. She stated that the social network’s standard practice of gathering user data stating that it is meant for “improvement of overall user experience” did not state the fact that this information was being traded with third parties.

She confirmed that if Facebook did not implement the changes directed by EU Commission soon then she would ask consumer authorities to act swiftly in imposing sanctions on the company. In response to this tough stand by EU, Facebook stated that it has implemented several of the Commission’s directives in its recent terms of service that was done in May 2018. Users will be given clear details about acceptable and unacceptable behavior on the social platform and options available to them. Its spokesperson said that Facebook was grateful for the feedback for EU Commission and would continue to cooperate with the team for addressing all concerns and making updates wherever necessary.

Sasha Farrell

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