Victor Dill September 19, 2018

Over the past three years, some of the famous Google Street View cars have been pulled through Californian streets equipped with sensors from the Aclima environmental sensor network to seizethe air pollution data. Today, the pair announced the expansion of this partnership on a global scale.

Google announced for the first time that it worked with Aclima to map the air quality in California in 2015, although it took several months after a similar test program was introduced in Denver. In the last three years, Google Street View cars with Aclima sensors have traveled more than 100,000 kilometers in California, including Los Angelesand San Francisco.

The internet giant also worked with EDF(Environmental Defense Fund) for aprogram to map out gas leaks in the streets of Staten Island,Boston, and Indianapolis and its impact on the global climate.

The fact that Google intends to authoritatively introduce its Air Pollution Monitoring service in exterior areas of California and outside the United States shows that the efforts to collect data have been successful. A reviewed study was published last year in Environmental Science and Technology, which shows how the air quality in Oakland can vary considerably within the same block.

“We have been working with Aclima for years to test the technology and we are pleased to be ready to take the next steps to start this new phase, we will expand our Street View fleet to diverse locations all over the world, “said, Program Manager for Google Earth OutreachKarinTuxenBettman, in a press release. “These measures can provide new neighborhood information to cities to help accelerate their changeover efforts to make healthier and smarter cities.”

The sensors of Aclima will fetch some crucial data of nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, monoxide, and other particulate matter.

Victor Dill

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