James Tidwell September 19, 2018

Though the UN failed to reach a common consensus for putting an end to the use of autonomous weapon systems, the European Parliament has managed to pass a resolution by members that have strongly voted to put a ban on what they call “killer robots”.  This step could encourage the development and use of weapon systems that cannot kill without human intervention though some parliamentarians expressed concern that this legislation could limit exploration of artificial intelligence. While the debate for and against autonomous weapons seems endless, EU’s chief Federica Morghrini and Bodil Valero, security policy spokeswoman for EU Greens/EFA group remained firm that these weapons should be banned internationally.

The members argued that decisions of life and death should never be relinquished by humans and are hoping to reach an agreement on international ban at forthcoming meeting of United Nations in November. During August several international experts met at Geneva headquarters to deal with the growing proliferation of computer controlled weapons. They discussed products like artificially intelligent drones and guns that choose their own targets besides other advanced weapons that may lead to another arms race between world powers.

Rasha Rahim of Amnesty International stated that though it is not too late to stop this research a blanket ban can prevent a dystopian scenario and most likely reduce wide proliferation of automatic weapons. But these new measures were being opposed by nations like Russia, United States, Israel and South Korea during the meeting in August as they have already invested in research of autonomous weapons systems and will continue to explore potential advantages of these systems. But several experts including billionaire founder of Tesla have written to United Nations to take action immediately as these weapons can be used by rouge nations and despotic leaders to create havoc or can be hacked to spread destruction on the creators themselves.

James Tidwell

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