Sasha Farrell September 11, 2018

Nowadays, the greenhouse effect is the major cause of the climate change. Over the last 2 decades, there is relatively more increase in atmospheric temperature. On the basis of scientific study after analyzing the ancient years of the planet Earth, the present era of climate change is very much similar to period when the planet had just completed the last ice age.

At the time of ice age, the large part of Northern Hemisphere of Earth was covered with ice sheets. With the sudden rise in temperature of the atmosphere, the whole ice melted and the new ecosystems came into existence.

According to scientific reports, by the year 2100 the terrestrial vegetation will be at great risk if the greenhouse gases emission continues to remain at the same rate. There will be around four degree Celsius hike in the atmospheric temperature.

Many countries are currently facing the climatic changes due to greenhouse effect. In England, the daytime temperature is recorded above 30 degree Celsius for the complete month of June and July breaking the record of the year 1976. Sweden, the part of Northern Europe, crossed the maximum temperature in July over the past 260 years. The temperature exceeded 30 degree Celsius in Arctic Circle, which usually remains covered in ice most of the year.

The greenhouse effect will have direct as well as indirect impact on human health and welfare. As the terrestrial vegetation will get diminished, there would be extensive impact of the greenhouse emission on the atmosphere. Agriculture will be affected at high volume, which is the primary food source for animals and humans.

The main goal on priority should be to develop the systems which don’t hamper the business and industries, and reduce the emission level to minimum or zero. Some serious steps should be taken to preserve and protect water and food supplies.

Sasha Farrell

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