Sasha Farrell September 7, 2018

Actually, there are a lot of things that a new image from NASA is showing. The image has a dramatic fashion on how invisible particles like dust, smoke and sea salt are spreading all around the globe.

A digitally-enhanced visual from the Goddard Earth Observing System Forward Processing Model of NASA is displaying a lot of particles which are referred to as aerosols, swirling all across the planet.

The color-coded image captured on August 23, display the smoke from wildfires of western North American region which was billowing in the Far East direction towards the mid-Atlantic ocean, dust storm going all the way to Central Asia from Sahara Dessert and a massive storm of sea-salt aerosols in the Pacific Ocean, which has 2 tropical cyclones around Japan and South Korea and Hurricane Lane in Hawaii. The region of Central Africa is also appeared clouded due to smoke, which as per NASA is owing to the fire of agricultural land by farmers.

It is still not clear what is special about that day, but as per researchers the events that leased to the increased particles like hurricanes and wildfires, that are being exacerbated due to the issue of global warming. Some particles like the wildfires smokes can make the air quality unhealthy and cause various health issues.

In case you have ever experienced dust blows and smoke billowing, then you have experienced aerosols. The visualization has used the data from NASA Earth Satellite to show the enhanced view of the mishmash of particles that swirl & dance in the environment.

And as the image looks like an alarming notice, it is just another day on the Earth. NASA says that every single time when we breather, “however, the air appears to be clear, it is very much possible that you are inhaling a lot of liquid droplets and solid particles, which are existing in almost every ecosystem.

Sasha Farrell

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