Sasha Farrell September 6, 2018

Recently, the founder and former CEO of Papa John made a slurry comment on the NFL leaders during the conference call to Forbes, because of that he has to leave his position and step down from the Board of Directors as well. From that moment the top management and the Board of Directors of Papa John’s have tried everything to distance itself from the founder John Schnatter, especially after that controversial comments made by him.

John Schnatter made a recent statement that he is been victimized by everything bad happening to the company like a dip in sales of the pizza. Instead, John says that the current CEO of the company Steve Ritchie, who is been given appointed from the January month has done nothing to take the company out of the scenario created, John describes him as a potential lack of leadership qualities and making the culture of the Papa John bit more intimidated.

John also suggested that Papa John needs a new leadership to take over the management as Ritchie struggles to work in the company and taking a hard decision, as Ritchie shows the vindictive and controlling quality in the company. Since John stills hold the major shareholder of the company which almost third of it, says that he doesn’t want to return to the company as a CEO wants to help the company to regain whatever they have lost because of his racist comments. He also notifies that a lot of non-true and exaggerated comments are being spread to damage the image of his and company which the current CEO has failed to address the issue.

John also stated that Ritchie, when he was appointed, said he would bring change to the company and promised a great lot of things, but when it didn’t work out for him, he simply blamed me and put the accusation that all this is happening because of the past behavior of the founder.

Sasha Farrell

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