Victor Dill September 3, 2018

Divide, presented by the 27-year-old Ed Sheeran, acquired a huge round of applause and sold 2.7 million copies in the UK. However, he doesn’t have any immediate plans to follow the suit and is looking forward to completing a project that will not be like his prototypical albums.

He also confirmed that his world tour will end on September 2019, after which he will come out of his holiday and plan for the fourth album.

Ed Sheeran prefers working in a relaxed manner by taking a year off. Presently, he will take a gap of one year, which is the repetition of the phase after his second album, Multiply, released. He had spent his time by bungee jumping, diving in the area of bull sharks without a cage, and whitewater rafting.

Though he prefers enjoying his life amidst the adventurous activities, music is his passion. In fact, he had never suspended his activity of writing songs regardless of the other activities he is indulged into. Regarding the next project, he had hinted that it will involve experimental works that will not resemble the previous hits like Thinking Out Loud and Shape of You. According to him, the No. 5 Collaborations Project that involved the famous UK rappers like Sway, Devlin, JME, and Wiley was his best work ever.

In an interview, he stated that music is not a professional activity or work for him. Rather, he finds addressing the media to be a tedious work, which he doesn’t enjoy. Along with his passion for music, he is also looking forward to his cameo roles in Game of Thrones, Hone & Away, and others in an elaborate form.

This is not all; he is also looking forward to settling with a family, making a single movie, traveling, and continuing with his passion for songs in the future.

Victor Dill

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