Victor Dill August 27, 2018

Uber employees are paid to drive but also face various harrowing experiences at work.

There were around 56 employees who filed claims for sexual harassment. Discrimination on color and discrimination against women were also other cases filed.

About 500 women employees claim that they were being paid less than their male counterparts while preference was given to men regarding promotions.

For sexual harassment, employees were provided $1.9 million which is to be split among those who filed claims, which will be shared as $34,000 for each person on an average. $5 million was for pay disparities while $3 million was to pay for attorneys of plaintiffs.

Susan Fowler, an engineer at the company had earlier filed a case of harassment problem. But she says that no action was taken by the company. After investigation and after appointing a Chief Diversity officer, Uber has been asked to look into these lawsuits and pay the claimants for the claims being made on sexual harassment and assault.

The discrimination issue brought in October was settled in February. Uber will be paying $10 million in the settlement. Apart from these, a fund will be set for harassment victims to an amount of $1.0 million which can be claimed by those who file for harassment claims.

These amounts were determined by the severity of the situation and the duration of the harassment. The impact of the misconduct and the perpetrators rank has also been considered.

Fowler’s 3,000-word essay testifies of the bad behavior of employees who were protected for their high performance. It has also led to the ouster of Travis Kalanick, the CEO, and co-founder of Uber. As Fowler caused a big sensation with her #metoo movement, many more women came forward to give their testimonies of sexual harassment and sexism in the industry.

Fowler says “In short, I can say that it was the right thing I did”.

Victor Dill

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