Sasha Farrell August 23, 2018

Los Angeles Subway is taking a fresh measure to identify the presence of illegal amenities. According to the authority of the local transport, all the passengers entering the Los Angeles Subway will be scanned thoroughly for the presence of weapons and explosives. Though the screening will be done voluntarily, the passengers who will deny being screened will not be allowed to travel.

In order to reduce the hassle of the customers, portable scanners will be installed at the entrance of the stations, which will not compel the passengers to go through the security checkpoints.

The LACMTA or the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has also confirmed that the latest equipment related to the screening has already been ordered from Thruvision, the UK manufacturer. The equipment has the capability to scan the passengers who are either entering the ticket barrier or riding the escalator. It also has the latest attribute of viewing a wide angle. On the other hand, Thruvision has claimed that the scanners have the capability to identify the suspicious items from up to 10 meters or 32 feet away. Also, it has the capability to scan none less than 2,000 people each hour.

Presently, the equipment has not been implemented in any of the public transports but has been tested at the Farnborough Airshow. Besides, it will not be implemented on a permanent basis but as a pop-up basis on a few platforms.

The scanners are impregnated with cameras that have the capacity to detect the body heat of the passengers regardless of the type of clothing. Besides, it doesn’t emit any radiation.

The basic principle of the operation of the scanner is very simple. If a person tries to hide equipment beneath the cloth, the emission of heat will be restricted, revealing the weapons and other amenities.

Sasha Farrell

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