Sasha Farrell August 20, 2018

Are you a student at Saint Louis University? If yes, there is a gift for you in your dorm room apart from regular furniture. The university has shared their plan for installing around 2,300 echo dots in the students’ dormitory and the process of installation will be done by the time the term starts (August).

However, it is not a surprise that the devices there are not just to answer the question about weather conditions. The devices have access to the Alexa skill of ALU that makes it able to answer around 100 common questions about the university and information like the event time, location of the building and hours of the library.

The university has shared that it is going to be the first institution of this type who put a smart speaker in every single dorm room. There are schools that have installed this kind of device in the common areas like living rooms or they are accessible to the student on request.

Installation and usage of the Echo dots do not impose any extra cost on the student. SLU assures the students and the parents or guardians that there has been no hike in their academic fees to cover the cost. The university has taken the benefit of a partnership with Amazon and capital funding to do it.

SLU has already made it clear that there has been no breach of privacy by the means of Echo dots; the university never tries to gather or access any of the individual accounts or personal data. And students also cannot use the device for personal use like shopping.

Folks are hoping that there will be some kind of practical advantage of these devices in all over the campus. One such benefit is that the students need not call all the time to a helpline or visiting the website and browse all the pages, they can get all the information at least about the university and other services offered by the university with Echo dots.

Sasha Farrell

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