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Wireless subscriber base in India has jumped by 6 Million in May. This took the combined base to 1,131.0 Million, claimed ICRA to the media in an interview this week. The leading 4 telecom providers such as Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance Jio, and Idea Cellular together have an aggregated 87.2% of market share as of May 2018 as compared to 83.9% as of April 2018.

The telecom companies have an aggregated user base of 986.8 Million where they hold 93% market share or 915 Million active users as of May 2018. The active user-base is anticipated to increase slowly, the report from ICRA claimed.

The user base for wireless broadband in India also saw a growth of 3% MoM (month over month) in May 2018 boosted by low tariff data plans provided by the telecom companies. The combined user base of the rest of the telecom companies has been dropping considerably at 144.2 Million as of May 2018 in comparison to 181.4 Million in April 2018.

ICRA claimed that with the conclusion of merger for Telenor, wireless subscriber market share for Bharti has elevated to 30.5% as of May 2018 in comparison to 27.4% in April 2018.

“The development in user base in May 2018 was spearheaded by Bharti, which included 35.9 Million users in May 2018, majorly due to migration of Telenor’s users after the completion of its amalgamation with Bharti. However, RJio also carried on seeing meaningful profits, including 9.4 Million users in May 2018,” claimed Vice President and Sector Head at ICRA for Corporate Ratings, Harsh Jagnani, to the media in an interview.

ICRA claimed that the users for wireless broadband still comprise just around 37% of the combined wireless users in the nation. Hence there is substantial growth capability in this sector.

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