Victor Dill August 12, 2018

Recent studies show that almost all plastic containers that are thrown out after household use cannot be recycled. The mixture used to make plastic trays or yoghurt pots limit ability of councils for recycling. Only 1/3rd of such plastic waste is recyclable while the rest is sent to landfill says the Local Government Association. Industry says 80% of packing plastic have the ability to be made recyclable.

British Plastics Federation says that companies and manufacturers are trying to come up with ways to produce such plastic that is easily recyclable. Out of 525,000 tons of plastic thrown out, only 169,000 tons are recycled every year in UK says LGA. Producers are blamed for using mixture of poor-quality polymers.

The LGA says that low-grade plastics should be banned by the government. Microwave meal-cases which come in black can’t be scanned easily by machines making the recycling process unnecessarily complicated. Simple tweaks like highlighting or changing the colors of such containers could make a massive difference, says LGA.

Peter Fleming of LGA agreed that use of black plastic is a crime as they are impossible to be recycled. He added that the reason behind the use of black plastic is the aesthetic quality associated with it. Among 2–3 plastic types used, polystyrene makes recycling more difficult. Readers like Sally Warburton and Geraldine Fields demand transparency from shops about their recycling processes. Manufacturers and councils should work together to make the necessary changes. The government must intervene if the industry doesn’t help, says Judith Blake of LGA.

Keith Freegard of the BPF say that black plastic is often used by designers to show that they are at the “top of the range product”. He reported to BBC Breakfast how black plastic material is hard to be scanned by sorting machines in recycle plants and change has to be brought about soon.

Dr. Dominic Hogg of Eunomia firm estimates cost of sorting plastic at household level to be around 1 billion Pounds per year. Only 10–20 million of that amount is being covered currently.LGA reported after National Audit Office studied that half of the to-be-recycled materials are sent abroad for processing.

Victor Dill

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