Victor Dill August 10, 2018

Yes. While there are other common hazards that are known to most people, caused by being obese, it seems that there is a new addition to the list of the problems, which nobody could ever have imagined. It was recently found out that the more belly fat a person has, the lesser the person can function as far as the cognitive abilities are concerned. Thus, cognitive impairment is said to be directly related to being obese, but in men that are above 60, if the age is to be considered.

This new study is based on the data obtained after studying more than as many as 5000 people, of Irish origin, which proved the theory mentioned above. It was found out that, the people who have a relatively higher waist to hip ratio, perform poorly in the cognitive tests. This is expected to be the case because of the increased secretion of the inflammatory markers, by the increased belly fat, which has earlier been associated with the cognitive function.

Other previous studies have also pointed towards the same thing that the people, who are actually overweight, do not perform that well in case of visuospatial ability or memory tests, as compared to the people who have a normal weight. This research was carried out by the researchers at the Trinity College Dublin, which is located in Ireland.

This is indeed a serious point of concern in the region as the statistics show that more than half of the people who are above the age-limit of 60, in Ireland, have more body fat than necessary. In short, they are obese. Only 26% women and 16% men have a BMI, i.e. Body Mass Index, within the normal range. This is indeed a sign of warning for the people in the region and people should not take this issue lightly at all.

Victor Dill

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