James Tidwell August 7, 2018

Ford has got some new plans and it seems that the execution should be expected real soon. According to the reports, the company is planning to bring back the compact unibody pickup truck in the U.S. market in the year 2022. It is said that the truck is being built on a different platform called the next-generation focus platform. This decision is not abruptly taken by the company but rather has a serious concern behind it. As more and more people in the North American region are abandoning cars and as the demand for the SUVs, Crossovers and trucks is soaring, the decision from Ford does make sense.

The company is planning to make this size variation of the truck in order to appeal more customers in the market. In addition to that, this new version, which is a smaller truck, is expected to slot in below the new model of the Ford Ranger, as per the sources. The company is also perhaps planning to eliminate all the four-door car models in the near future.

This new unibody pickup truck is going to be similar in design to the Brazilian-made Ford Courier which was last sold in the year 2013 in the U.S. and Mexico. The only thing that is still unclear about this new model is whether it would be imported into the U.S. or not. Ford has not yet confirmed the automobile report but hasn’t denied it either.

Other companies such as General Motors and Fiat Chrysler have similar vehicles which are being sold by the companies overseas but none of them is earmarked for the market in the United States currently. Hyundai too has said that the production version of its compact SUV-based pickup concept called as Santa Cruz Pickup concept will be announced but the date has not been confirmed yet.

James Tidwell

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