James Tidwell August 3, 2018

A staff member of Home Depot in Albany, New York, Maurice Rucker was indulged in a verbal argument with a man at the checkout point after Rucker asked the man to leash his dog. Rucker, a black man aged 60, drew all the attention over weekend after he was fired from Albany’s Home Depot for his clash with the annoyed customer who abused him racially. Home Depot said that they initially terminated Rucker for his failure to “disengage & alert management about customer confrontation.” But after backtracking, the company called the termination off and declared to give Rucker back pay. But Rucker told The Post that he had no intentions of returning.

Rucker, who worked for the Depot for over 10 years, said that the decision of bringing him back had nothing to do with him. They just want to take away the media attention for firing him in the first place. He also showed his disappointment that the company fired him for reacting to a racist comment, even after he was employed there for 10 years. He also accused the Albany’s depot for overlooking his work, under-appreciating his efforts and underpaying him. He did not feel safe working there, with the fear of getting fired for every task he performed as there was always a passive bias towards him at the store. Since Rucker’s firing made the headlines, the store has been trying to out-pour affection and support for him. The store’s County Executive Daniel McCoy showed sympathy by saying that Rucker did not deserve to be treated with such a bad hostility and showed his concern with the way this situation was handled.

Rucker claimed the customer told him that he would not even have the job if Trump wasn’t the president, about 2 weeks ago.

James Tidwell

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