Sasha Farrell August 2, 2018

After a creative move took out by a homeless man seeking out for a job which involves standing on the streets of Silicon Valley and asking strangers for the job and providing a resume of his to them. This creative move seems to have paid off with overwhelming responses for the Job to David Casarez, a 20 years old college graduate.

David was spotted handing out resumes to the motor vehicle which stopped nearby to read the board which he was holding on the streets of Mountain View, California, where the company like Google is headquartered. David moves to California several months ago in the hope of getting a job within a couple of weeks but things didn’t go well around him. Soon he ran out of money and didn’t have the money to go back either. Since he didn’t get noticed in the recruitment drive so he decided to do something creative to get noticed and seek for job connection.

The overwhelming response once started to came when a woman took a picture with the David in the streets of Silicon Valley and posted in the social media. From then on David is been receiving immense job offer not only from California state but also from other states and few from around the world. David now says that he lost the track record of the job offers he received the last count was 200 and he stopped counting after that since his inbox is flooded with emails for the job offers.

David came to Silicon Valley with hopes and dreams to be successful in the tech world and wanted to offer more to the community. He had slept in parks tried his hand in freelance work, interviews and sent applications for the job to numerous companies noticed that it was hard to get noticed. But now it seems that he finally would be getting a decent job for himself.

Sasha Farrell

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