Sasha Farrell August 1, 2018

In the US history, Facebook has gone through a biggest stock drop down of about $119 Billion on Thursday. These stocks came down due to Mark Zukerberg’s response to media saying that Facebook would not remove websites that contain false information. This shows, the CEO of such a big company has lost his mind and is unaware of the brand name. The marked burst at Facebook, says Scott Galloway told Yahoo. The author explained in his book, saying Mark Zukerberg made 3 disastrous and inexcusable mistakes with Facebook which will cause him to destroy its name.

Mark Zukerberg failed to create a consistent and powerful brand story where he has some responsibilities. While Steve Jobs has various campaigns for advertisements at Apple. The author asked the question saying, what is the priority for Mark Zukerberg-profits or people. Two big giant companies are uncoordinated and break things early. Zukerberg’s another mistake is, the company is not really serious about the core value of privacy for their users. The users wishes to have their data safe, but Zukerberg said in 2010 that, he thinks privacy is not too much of important to our society. The business model of Facebook sells the related information to other advertisement companies.

Facebook is only serious about their paying customers, not for the regular ones. The third mistake that Zukerberg made is that he never wanted to have responsible behavior or control that may be necessary. So he allowed every news though it is fake or real from various journalists. The news was published recently in March about the data loss of 10 million voters of America. Zukerberg didn’t speak a single word about this. Facebook recently told that the revenue growth has been declining because of the privacy factor. He told that Facebook will become more secure now and will have more privacy options

Sasha Farrell

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