Sasha Farrell July 29, 2018

A wildfire that hit the city of Mati, Greece, a tourist town located near Athens, has killed at least 74 people and the number is still expected to rise, given the severity of the injured victims. The flames were so fast moving that many homes and buildings were quickly consumed by the fire within minutes. The wind gust which moved at the speed of 50 miles per hour only made the situation worst. Many people tried to escape on the highways, which proved in vain as the highways were surrounded by high flames.

Mati, a coastal town popular as a tourist spot, is located near Athens. The recovery of the burnt bodies of the victims was done after the fire was clammed up. There was a group of people who tried to escape the fire by running to the edge of the water, but were too scared to jump off as the cliff was too deep. They huddled each other but that could not save them from the severe flames. Rescuers found the bodies of 25 people and were in shock as the remains showed that they were hugging each other at the time they died. Some people made it to the sea and were saved from the flames, but many of these people drowned which was hard to watch for the survivors who helplessly have to stand to save their own life. More than 700 people were rescued by the coast guards and private boats.

Greece government has declared 3 days of national mourning in the worst wildfire Greece has ever seen. Mati is a tourist town with many beach-side resorts, and town cafes and bars. The fire spread across the neighbor towns of Athens which also included Kineta in West Attica and the north east borders of the capital.

Sasha Farrell

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