James Tidwell July 28, 2018

The stars have, till date, only given birth to their planets; not destroyed them. Although it was possible and very well projected in theory that a star might devour its own planet, but it had never happened in the past, making it just a hypothesis and nothing more. But now, it seems that the astronomers have finally found the first ever concrete evidence of such an event actually taking place in the universe. This remarkable event was seen from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory by a bunch of scientists as well as astronomers, on July 18.

Usually, when the host star of a particular planet in the universe expands or dies, the same planet is expected to perish alongside. This can very well be the case with Earth as well as other planets in the solar system. But never has such an incident occurred where the planet can get perished as a result of being eaten up by its own star, which is still young and intact; until now. The astronomers at MIT just confirmed this evidence, which may be because of certain collisions and the results are available in the Astronomical Journal.

The star that is in the picture is nearly 450 light-years from our planet and is a part of a binary system where the star circles another young star as well. This star, called RW Aur A, has shown some odd characteristics in the past as well such as its light getting dimmed and brightened again in a span of a few decades.

In other news, research scientists have finally found a way to let the astronomers observe distant planets with ease, which was not possible earlier because of the stars that are highly luminous. By a method called as spectroscopy, the light can be split into distinct wavelengths, revealing all the properties related to the source including the chemical properties.


James Tidwell

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