Victor Dill July 27, 2018

The myth about Donald Trump saying that he got more votes with the help of manipulating the internet seems to have busted now with a recent study proving otherwise. The study was conducted by a few economists at the Brown and Stanford universities and revealed many things that completely disprove the previously believed facts. Not only that, it seems that the American President was the worst performer as compared to the preceding Republican candidates, as far as the online voting campaign is concerned.

The study demonstrates that Trump performed the best when it comes to the voters that were particularly offline. He also did better than the forerunners among the specific demographic groups of people that are hardly online. In short, the other people competing namely John McCain and Mitt Romney got more votes than the elected president Donald Trump, particularly from the internet users.

The economists at both the universities that include Jesse Shapiro from the Brown University and Matthew Gentzkow & Levi Boxell from the Stanford University have claimed that the political opinion in the United States was not as largely affected as it seemed, by the internet; calling it absolutely overstated. It was found out that among other things, the cable news is a significant enough driver for the voters’ opinions.

In 2016 as well, just after the president was newly elected, some studies invalidated the claims saying that Facebook is to blame for the outcome of the election. It was observed that most of the people who voted trump were hardly on any other social media platforms like Rediit or Twitter for that matter, as compared to Clinton. This doesn’t mean that the internet has no say in the political outcomes or opinions, but it is certainly not the top most facet, that is for sure.

Victor Dill

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