James Tidwell July 21, 2018

It seems that a new feature is being tested by Facebook that is intended to push Messenger users to begin using Instagram also, and if they already are, to synchronize both the social media accounts.

Already Facebook Messenger lets one add their Instagram account, however, there is no choice to synchronize it at present. The new feature is thought to substitute the basic Instagram Account choice, which can be discovered in the Profile, within the People menu, in conjunction with Blocked people and Sync contacts options.

After one syncs their Facebook Messenger and Instagram account, it will provide access to their Instagram account and username to their buddies on Messenger. Already, this new feature might be accessible to a restricted digit of users who have both Instagram and Messenger accounts that proposes Facebook is vigorously validating the sync option to observe how it essentially functions in real life.

It is yet to be witnessed when exactly will it be released for all. However, as it is not actually a key feature, it is doubtful there will be any official declarations unless it goes live together with other more significant enhancements.

Apart from this, a while back, the famous social media platform has included a new feature to its Stories segment—users can put questions on their stories. The addition is something that has been demanded for a long time now by users and has at last arrived with the newest upgrade of the platform.

So far, users could see only stories uploaded by people they followed or their contacts. Limited communication alternatives existed in the appearance of emoji sliders that could be posted to pose questions and a no/yes poll. However, this new feature enables the users to pose complete questions with no bounds, unlike short no or yes ones.

James Tidwell

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