Victor Dill July 19, 2018

Scientists are not stepping back from discovering the facts about the ancient people and their lifestyle. In this endeavor, they have discovered the process of making the pieces of bread during the ancient times from a site, which is 14,000 years old.

As per the speculations and research, the appearance of the ancient bread was that of a flatbread while the baking resulted in an outcome that would taste similar to that of the modern multi-grain bread. It is also speculated that the bread loaves were used as the wraps to envelop the roasted meat, which can also be considered as the most ancient sandwich.

It is believed that the flour was taken from the wild barley and wheat before amalgamating with the pulverized roots of certain plants. Water was added to it before baking it into a flatbread.

According to a professor at the University College London, Dorian Fuller, the first evidence of this bread can be stretched back to 5,000 years, which also marks the initiation of the idea of cuisines. It involved multiple ingredients, flatbreads, roasted gazelle, and others.

Bread has been the most integral part of the daily life but the origin of the most popular staple food has been unknown until now. The burnt breadcrumbs were found in the circular fireplaces where the bread loaves were baked. These breadcrumbs revealed the tale of the sieving, grinding, and kneading procedure of the final bread.

From the University of Copenhagen, Dr. Amaia Arran-Otaegui, who was the first to notice the existence of the breadcrumbs in the site, stated that she was not expecting this discovery from the site. She also stated this as the connecting link between the prehistoric people and the modern humans.

She revealed that the bread pieces were baked through a number of steps that included picking the cereals, grinding them, making the dough, and finally baking.

Victor Dill

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