Victor Dill July 16, 2018

Epic Games just had a night to forget, with the launch of the Summer Skirmish championship being plagued by crippling boredom among the competitors as well as presence of lag-related issues which made it unplayable, with even the best players in the world not being spared. The tournament involves both the performers of Summer Showdown, as well as distinguished streamers, with a prize pool of $250,000 up for grabs, out of which $50,000 would go to the winning duo. Other features included opportunity for fans to follow the teams of their most admired players, along with Epic’s running commentary.

However, this all did not go exactly as per the plan, with lag and boredom issues coming out the true winners. The players almost did not want a fight due to the huge rewards on offer, which ensured that players hid for large periods, owing to the fear of getting killed with actual fight happening only once in a blue moon. An ample amount of time was spent hiding from competitors, and this issue was compounded by lagging, causing inaccurate shooting as well as players falling off buildings. As a result, there was a complete absence of skilled gameplay. The core issue was most likely the setup of the game only on North American servers, for players worldwide. Even the introduction of bonus rewards to spruce up the action did not help matters. It seems that Epic Games has a huge task on its hand now, given the tepid nature of the tournament.

Meanwhile, the success of Fortnite on iOS has renewed hopes that the game will be as successful on other platforms, with a Fortnite Android launch almost imminent. Tencent, a part owner of Epic Games, which has been conducting Fortnite’s business in China, has just announced an apparent release date in China for Fortnite Battle Royale, which has been set as July 24, which falls in line with the Epic Games’ announcement of launching the game on Android in 2018 summer. It may be concluded from this statement that the game may launch for Android users during Season 5, which is currently ongoing.

Victor Dill

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