James Tidwell July 16, 2018

Both the giants, Airbus And Boeing, who once got the orders in bulk are now struggling hard to deliver those orders resulting into annoyance of the customers and delay in the payments. Multiple delivery commitment failures by Airbus are forcing the customers to go for alternative options as they are facing tough situations as they are being forced to cancel the flights due to shortages in the jets. The company has promised the delivery of 80 additional planes than the last year, but on the contrary, its actual production of jets is much lower as compared to the last year’s production. In addition to this, the delay in the delivery of the planes is also leading to delayed payments, which are giving a significant blow to the Cash Flow of Airbus.

On the other hand, Boeing is still managing to stay on its promises and has not failed in any of its commitments yet. The company is pretty sure that it won’t fail in keeping its delivery promises in the future as well. But the Boeing is also going through the same tough times like that of Airbus owing to the shortages of the products, especially when it is about the engines. As the time is passing over the years, the demand for more planes is on the rise thus creating new challenges for those companies to supply the jets to the airline customers. The shortfall of the components right from the engines to the components of the wings is enlarging the strain.

Some of the Airline companies have been waiting for months; Scandinavian Airlines is one of the most affected Air travel companies which had to cancel the plans for its routes like New York to Birmingham, called as the trans-Atlantic flights. Similarly, British Airways on the other hand is also facing the same problems for which it has no option but to rent the jets.

James Tidwell

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