Sasha Farrell July 15, 2018

Recently, an investigation was in the process over the 8 food chains related to the matter of No Poaching Agreement. Under this, a Franchise does allow the employees to shift to different locations of the same franchise, doesn’t hire an employee from a different franchise. Basically, the investigation was made to see the employee and hiring practices associated with the franchises. Since the investigation went on up till now 7 food chains have agreed to allow their workers to move between the Franchises. The chains who have dropped the practice of No Poaching Agreement are McDonald’s, Cinnabon, Jimmy John’s, Carl’s Jr, Arby’s, Auntie Anne’s, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

According to the Attorney general Bob Ferguson, the change will be in effect immediately to these franchises mentioned above. All these companies have agreed to nationwide agreement to avoid the lawsuit. The agreement that hinders the career growth and improvement in growth for thousands of employees of the franchises should be criticized. The Ferguson took a pledge that in near future, it will be made sure that every food franchise must drop the No Poaching Agreement for the better opportunity of employees working there.

The efforts of Ferguson are likely to impact 25,000 restaurants across the nation, such as without this poaching agreement, the experienced workers at these restaurants could compete for the position of managers in their chain, employees could easily negotiate pay. The Attorney General came to know about this practice of food chains when a group of Attorney General for 10 states sent a letter to the eight fast-food franchises, which told them to give detail report containing their Agreement and Practices they perform regarding their employees. They came to know that No Poaching Agreement costs low labor cost and gives rights over the employees.

Sasha Farrell

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