Sasha Farrell July 12, 2018

The Ex-Tesla worker, whom the company had once fired and sued, has whistled before ‘US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’ with the allegations about misleading the investors and giving false statements. The name of the whistle blower has been identified as Martin Tripp, according to the reports. Tripp worked for Tesla’s huge Battery factory, located in Nevada, and had left the company in the month of June. This allegation of the worker is one more blow to the company. After Tripp left the company, Tesla had filed a case against him claiming that he has stolen the confidential information about the company along with several other trade secrets and shared them with other parties; the company also claimed $1 Million, according to the documents filed in the court. In its lawsuit, the electric car giant has also claimed that Tripp leaked false and misleading info in the media.

Few hours later, high-tension email conversation between Tripp and Musk surfaced over. Tesla also informed the police with reference to a tip that customer service dept of the company has got which said that Martin Tripp had told his friend about the allegations he was planning to make against the company. However, as expected, Martin denied it. According to the tip which Martin Tripp had filed to SEC, the electric car giant deliberately manufactured batteries that had punctured holes which would possibly impact dozens of cars over the road. The company also provided misleading information about the weekly production of its model 3 by pumping the figures by over 44%.

Tesla has repeatedly said that all those allegations made by the said employee are not true and called him a thief who stole the secret information about the company. Tripp has also responded saying that he is facing continuous threats and harassment since the day he has exposed the company.

Sasha Farrell

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