Sasha Farrell July 12, 2018

AT&T is planning to take-over AlienVault, a company that deals in cyber security, the terms of which are not disclosed. AlienVault was established in the year 2007. The company has its various products into the market regarding the solutions to the security threats based on its own ‘Uniform Security Management’ (USM) platform. The ‘Open Threat Exchange’ (OTX) platform of the company caters to its online community over which the researchers and security professionals exchange the information regarding threat data. AlienVault is based in San Mateo and has raised funds near to $120 million till date. The major names behind the funding sources are GGV Capital and Intel Capital. It was also expected that the company was preparing for going public last year.

Interestingly, the rival firms of AlienVault, Carbon Black and Zscalar, issued their IPO’s but AlienVault rather opted for integration with AT&T. The Chief Executive Officer Barmak Meftah said that this deal will accelerate the ability of the company to deliver more over the mission of AlienVault which is democratizing threat detection. As this acquisition takes place, the personnel of AlienVault will be joining AT&T which will enable the telecommunication giant to further stretch its offerings for the smaller enterprises. AT&T also said that the technology of the security giant will help the company to push its own vision of empowering all the organizations with effectual cyber-security solutions.

The security giant may run short of personnel on purpose in new few years. AT&T believes that all the organizations need the cyber threat countering technologies no matter what the size of that organization is. The current scenario of increasing cyber threats has made it a compulsory requirement.

‘The expertise of AlienVault would definitely help AT&T in improving its ability to provide security threat solutions in a more effective way,’ said Spokesperson from AT&T.

Sasha Farrell

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