James Tidwell July 6, 2018

As per the sources familiar with the incident, Scott Pruitt, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Administrator, directly appealed to the US President to fire Jeff Sessions, Attorney General and hire him instead to run the Department of Justice.

However, the State advisers have dropped the proposal, but it came into the picture when the frustration of Trump with Session resurfaced for his decision to safeguard himself from avoiding the Russia investigation. This incident has made trump for hovered firing Sessions and appoints Pruitt.

There has been no official comment on this proposal from White House.

The 1998 Reform Act of Federal Vacancies made the President able to fill the vacancy temporarily if in case the official “resigns, dies or is not able to execute the duties and function of the office.”

In a statement made after the initial reporting of the story, Pruitt said, “The report is completely wrong. I and General Session are friends and I have always wished to see him succeed in his duties and nothing else.”

The proposal from Pruitt and the consideration from Trump for the same show how certain Trump was about Pruitt despite several political-ethic confusions. While asking about Pruitt termination in June, The President chooses not to answer, noting the kind of job Pruitt did for EPA.

Trump during an interview at White house’s North lawn told reporters that, “I’ll be honest that I’ m not happy about certain things, But he did a great job for EPA, which is worth notable.”

Before heading the EPA, Pruitt was working as attorney general in Oklahoma. He as well served as a RAGA Chairman for two terms. Now, however, he has been responsible for some bad headlines, there is been no sign of his dismissal, following the work he did for EPA, as per sources from White House.

James Tidwell

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