Victor Dill July 3, 2018

Till now, we all are aware about that Earth is the only planet where life nurtures. The distance between Earth and Sun make sure that it is neither too hot, nor too cold and have the water on its surface in liquid form. To keep it short and sweet, we can say that Earth resides in the habitable zone of the Sun.

In all these years, we (space researchers) have been found multiple exoplanets which are within the habitable zone from their respective stars, which makes them habitable. But, it is not only the temperature which makes life to sustain on any planet. Like Venus and Mars are also within the habitable zone of the Sun, but does not support life forms.

Planets existing in habitable zone from their star likely experience some kind of gravitational force from other planets in the galaxy, and that are the cause of unstable season on these planets. In case the planet requires a big size moon to maintain the stability of seasons, then their possibility of nurturing life would have been very rare.

Our planer has the largest moon in the galaxy, when it is about the size, and almost every exoplanet does not have same kind of companion. But as per a recent research, it is shown that the exoplanets does not require a large moon like ours to have stable season.

With the help of digital simulations, a research team has analyzed the movement of 2 exoplanets, namely Kepler-186f and Kepler-62f. Both of these exoplanets are bigger in size than Earth, and both of them are in habitable zone of their star.

The research also reveals that the planets are going to stay in that form for millions of years, and denotes that they have more stable and season which changes slowly, just like ours, even though they don’t have large moon.

This study shows the possibility of having life on other planets are more close to be real and the signs for nurture the life for years are positive.

Victor Dill

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