Sasha Farrell July 2, 2018

Babylon health is taking the examination of their technology, same as Doctors have during their study and they are clearing the exams with flying colors.

A UK-based startup says, newly developed AI is claimed to give the advice as well as a preventive suggestion as effective as a human doctor.

Babylon tested the AI with the sample set of questions to test their diagnostic skills that is a main element of the exam. Merely on its first try the technology being able to score 81% of marks, which was more than human doctors who scored 72% on an average of marks obtained in last five years.

As the AI is designed to continuously gather the data and learn more, it’ll secure more marks in every subsequent exam, said Babylon.

The team of the company as well tested the AI with 7 experience primary general healthcare professional with 100 different devises symptoms set. AI, developed by Babylon was 80% accurate, while the humans were in between the accuracy range of 64% — 94%.

The accuracy attained by technology reached to 98% when the team tested it with the diagnosis of the most common health condition in primary care, and in this, the humans attained the accuracy range from 52% — 99%.

These tests were executed in association with the Royal College of Physicians, Stanford University, and Yale University’s Yale-New Haven Healthcare system.

Ali Parsa, Founder & CEO, Babylon Health, said, AI can prove to be a valuable device, as there is the shortage of doctors on a global level. He said, “Even in developed nations, the primary care is inconvenient and unaffordable. With AI-based health device, the burden will reduce to a great extent and increase the efficiency of the healthcare system in all over the world.”

AI along with primary healthcare knowledge is going to be used in other healthcare branches like diagnosing cardiac diseases by the means of eye scan and many more will be accomplishable.

Sasha Farrell

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