James Tidwell June 28, 2018

What is the use of such beauty that is turning the mankind into a beast? The lipsticks, which are the most preferred items of any girl’s makeup kit, are imposing a grave threat on the existence of the orangutans. Along with the cosmetic items, the junk foods like pizza are also threatening the survival of the fellow species. Biscuits, pizza, and beauty products are jammed with palm oil that is severely affecting the habitat of the several species. Deforestation is leading to the eradication of the natural habitat. Along with it, planting of the alternative oils will also pose danger to the living beings.

Palm oil is synonymous with the plague that has dawned on the modern era. It is leading to deforestation which is immensely affecting the survival of the iconic species.

As per the research, banning the palm oil won’t solve the concerns as the vegetable oils are needed in the daily lives.

Presence of palm oil is evident in more than 50% of the products found in the supermarkets. The most prominent producers of the palm oil are Malaysia and Indonesia, with more than tens of millions tons products each year. The sum of the industry is around $40 billion.

The oil holds the pigment of the lipstick well, doesn’t melt on the high temperatures, and is tasteless, which makes it the most favorable choice for the cosmetic industry. Apart from the lipsticks, it is also found in shampoos, ice-creams, soaps, instant noodles, and various other items.

The elevating demand of the oil has led to the chopping off the tropical forests based on the thousands of hectares of land. The tropical trees were replaced with the palm trees to boost the production remarkably. Since these forests were the habitat for the numerous species, they were tremendously affected and are heading towards being endangered.

James Tidwell

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