Sasha Farrell June 28, 2018

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) or in general terms chronic fatigue syndrome is a debilitating form of disease in which patients often feel burnt down or tired even after taking considerable amount of rest.

MP Carol Monaghan raises a question about how well this disease is being understood, funded and treated in England. Carol, who is MP from the Scottish National Party went ahead to comment that the Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) used to treat ME patients have a negative impact on the health.

This therapy involves doing extra amount of exercise gradually through the months with regular monitoring of their health condition. The MP came up with cases from several constituencies where people have complained of their deteriorating health conditions after going through GET therapy.

Earlier therapists have informed that this therapy which is generally offered on NHS is safe. At present UK is in the process of updating its illness treatment guidelines and this debate raises more concern for the country.

Carol presented data which showed that less than 1 pound is spent annually on each ME patient. Her examples of failed GET cases included Ellie Bunce who was detected of ME when she was 19. Ellie informed that she used to be a sports athlete and regularly exercised but one day when she woke up with extreme muscle pain and went for consultation her doctor informed that her lifestyle was not right and she should wake up early and go for long walks. Now at 21 she is leading a painful life with no hobbies and spending almost 20 hours on bed.

Carol was supported by MP Ed Davey from the Liberal Democrat who asked to suspend GET till NICE guidelines are completely reviewed. He also suggested lawsuits from ME patients whose condition has deteriorated after the GET treatment.

Sasha Farrell

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