James Tidwell June 28, 2018

In association with SuperData research, PayPal this week rolled out the 2018 Global Gaming Research report. This report offers opportunities and insights for the gaming ecology all over 25 markets internationally. The report unveils that 89% of live stream viewers in India spend for streamers on websites such as Twitch in the form of subscriptions or donations.

The report claimed that action games, which highlight physical challenges comprising fighting, and shooter games ruled the list with almost 65% share of the group in all the games installed by the users in the past 3 Months. According to the report, 60% of the games installed by Indian females were related to puzzles.

As per the report, with a share of 73%, the Google Play Store ruled the platforms employed by users in India for buying gaming content comprising additional content and full game downloads. This was cashed with 66% by Amazon and 22% by the Apple App Store.

Gamers in India, according to the report, depend on suggestions from gaming forums & social media (44% each) and family & friends (52%) to make their buyout decisions. While YouTubers affect the gaming moves of almost 42% of the gamers in the nation, only 31% of the gamers depend on professional critics for video game & journalists to buy games.

In spite of the LTE boom, the Internet is still the largest obstruction for users in India for a smooth gaming experience, the report discovered. Slow speed of Internet was the largest pain point of 44% of gamers in India, while 30% of users discovered Internet data limits as a hurdle for their gaming experience.

On a related note, as per NASSCOM’s report dubbed as Mobile Gaming On The Rise In India, Indian gaming industry is developing at an exponential speed, and the mobile games market itself is expected to turn into $1.1 Billion worth by 2020.

James Tidwell

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