Victor Dill June 28, 2018

The Yelp page has transformed to a battleground of the words due to the assimilation of numerous people with diversified opinions. This occurred after the secretary of the US president was asked to leave the food joint, Red Hen.

Sarah Sanders, the Secretary of Donald Trump was asked to leave the premises of the Red Hen restaurant, which is a farm-to-table food joint. The incident took place on June 22 when the people working there protested about her presence to the owner. In response to the insult faced by her, Trump has stated that the restaurant was wrong to behave in such manner with a fine person like her.

There are many people who have raised their voice against the Trump administration, which resulted in the aforementioned scenario. Not only did the supporters, the detractors have also gathered in the Yelp page in order to express their opinions on the matter. The users are posting random images along with commenting on the political ground, which is turning nasty with every passing minute.

It is thought that the restaurant took the drastic action against her due to a policy of the US government. As per the policy, the migrant children were separated from their parents at the border of Mexico.

The Yelp page is now overloaded with comments and pictures that have also negatively affected the star rating. The people are either giving a single star rating or opting for 5 stars due to the action.

The reviews clearly target the Trump administration as well as the incident. People are not stepping back from showering their praises and condemning the stance. Apart from words, people are also taking help of the images to express their feelings. A user even expressed his gratitude to the restaurant for giving respect to the request placed by the staffs of the restaurant.

Victor Dill

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