James Tidwell June 28, 2018

Employees of Salesforce protest against activities of the company. Salesforce uses Community Cloud and Service Cloud to help manage border activities in the US and employees speak out against the purpose of their use.

The CBP is using the product from Salesforce to separate families, especially at the border between US and Mexico and employees and employees are shocked at this usage.

There are several protests especially from tech companies against the US government stance in law enforcement and war, especially regarding immigration policies.

Earlier Google employees requested the company to break its AI software contract. About 3,000 employees signed the letter, to not provide assistance through drone surveillance. Its CEO Sundar Pillai has now established a set of principles to be followed with AI working.

Similarly, Microsoft Corp staff has also protested against the Immigration and Customs Enforcement contract in the country.

Likewise, Amazon employees have asked the company to stop providing its software to the police force for facial-recognition.  Its contract with the law enforcement will have to end, protest employees.

Salesforce spokesperson has applauded its employees on their high principles and their ability to speak out their ideas.

Employees at Salesforce feel that the company’s products should not be put to harmful use. Around 650 Salesforce have joined together to sign the petition, asking the company to review its policies.

The letter addressed to Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, criticizes the company’s contract with the Custom and Border Protection agency of United States. The cloud-based company from San Francisco now joins along with other tech giants, in its protest against policies of their company.

With growing awareness, workers feel that problems created in the society by the tech industry have to stop, especially after the Facebook problem regarding privacy data scandal. Each company has to be responsible for its own activities say, employees.

James Tidwell

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