James Tidwell June 27, 2018

The Brexit discussions are going through numerous opinions and threats. Airbus, with employee strength of 14,000 was the first to initiate the threat, while BMW also followed the suit. As per Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, the businesses, which are issuing threat over the Brexit are on an extremely inappropriate path. He also stated that the Brexit discussions are in a critical state and demands unity with an immediate effect. He also expressed his desire to offer support for Theresa May in order to acquire the most favorable decision on Brexit.

Hunt mentioned that with more difficulties created in the path of Brexit, the consequences will become worse, inviting disaster for no particular reason.

In response to the aforementioned statement, the Director of Policy, Edwin Morgan said that the businesses have the right to express the needs as well as the issues faced by them. He further mentioned the raised concerns to be inevitable as the negotiations are the prime factors that will drive the future of the country. He has strongly criticized the people who have declared the threats as inappropriate. He feels that the businessmen are highly cautious about their activities and have the right to speak their mind. On the other hand, the politicians should also listen to them rather than raising difficulties.

Since the stability, offered by the UK as an export hub after the decision regarding the Brexit finalizes, is under question, BMW has built another manufacturing base in the Netherlands. The company is seeking certainty regarding the said issue immediately; otherwise, it may decide to move out of the country.

The same goes for Airbus as it is assessing the risks associated with Brexit. According to the company, if a transition deal is not finalized before the UK departs from the European Union; the country will face negative consequences on behalf of the industrial giant.

James Tidwell

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