James Tidwell June 26, 2018

Since few years, the biggest tech company in the world is working on a mission to make AI tools handy for every coder. The advantages of this new technology are crystal clear that coders who can work with free AI systems from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or Facebook are more enthusiasts to work for these big tech companies in their life.

Even if the individuals didn’t have an opportunity to work under the banner of these tech giants, they can sell pre-built AI tools to various firms that are also a big business for Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Currently, these tech giants are facing some conflicts from their workers as they have sold this technology to some organization like the Department of Customs Enforcement and Department of Defense and Immigration from the US government.

Employees from Microsoft, Google and Amazon have declared petitions and stopped working in protest of government work. This petition had some influence, as Google declares AI ethics principles and affirmed it publically that they would not renew the agreement in 2019 with Department of Defense.

As per Gizmodo, Microsoft told its workers via an email that it will no longer provide AI services to ICE; however, the email contradicts the earlier description they have on their website about the contract.

This on-going debate executing in a public manner made a major shift in how the technology companies and their employee share their words about AI. To date, each one of these tech giants is saying only good things about Artificial Intelligence, such as Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, has referred it as the most transformational innovation for existing and coming generation; and Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has said, AI will have the same influence as electricity and fire in our life.

However, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are among the leaders in offering large-scale computing to government bodies, but they are not the only ones. There will be no difference that how AI will change the world; we can always have the right to call for ethical guidelines to follow effectively.

James Tidwell

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