James Tidwell June 25, 2018

The former employee of Tesla was accused by the company of the charges of hacked into the computer system and stole the sensitive information, which is suggested as the work of secretive internal saboteur, by Elon Musk.

But the accused named Martin Tripp, told The Washington Post he didn’t do any sort of tampering with the internal system, instead he is the one who has blew the whistle, when he found that someone is doing scary things in the company, such as Installation of dangerously punctured batteries in Robots (cars).

In the lawsuit, the Tesla lawyers wrote that Tripp, a technician at the Gigafactory plant of Tesla, Nevada, developed a program to pursue the theft of confidential videos and photos of the manufacturing system of Tesla. The lawyers further wrote that Tripp was the active employee of the company since October 2017 till the time, when the officials of the company confronted him with the evidence of internal saboteur.

The lawsuits focused on the widespread paranoia over the theft of sensitive information in the existing competitive industries of digitally advanced and self-driving cars. In February, the ridesharing service giant Uber has paid with $245M as compensation for a legal battle about the apparent theft of trade secret with Waymo, a self-driving unit of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

The attorneys of Tesla have requested the court for an order to inspect the computer, messages, emails and phone calls of Tripp.

The Tesla attorney said that Tripp had been combative and disruptive with his colleagues and had grudges after shifting to another role. The company is looking for an undisclosed amount for settlement for damages that are going to decide in a court trial.

Tripp in his defense said, that he did not leak the information with an intention of hurting Tesla; however, he shared a piece of information to shed some life on the potential risks. He further commented that he is certain that Musk is a “Narcissist” and is a self-centered person.

James Tidwell

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