Victor Dill June 21, 2018

The investors who have been going against Tesla are facing a tough time as nearly 17% of the shares in the company have recovered. The yearly shareholder meeting held in the first week of June has marked the recovery of the shares. In the meeting, Elon Musk, the chairman & CEO of the company had committed a prominent profit during the third quarter. He also announced that the company will be disposing of the 9% of its workforce while he added shares worth $25 million to his own holdings. This further splurged the shares this week.

An ambiguity regarding the profitability of the electric car maker company is surrounding the market. A part of the market believes that restructuring of the company may push the profitability further while another team believes that layoff may not recover the capital it wants to produce to clear the debts and accelerate the fund operation leading to the crashing of the organization.

On one hand, Goldman Sachs believes that the company needs a minimum of $10 billion by the end of 2020 in order to keep the operations mobile while on the other, Musk is sticking to the point that the equity and new line of credit don’t need increasing.

Hedge fund professional, Darius Brawn has worked for Citadel and SAC as a portfolio manager and has a huge experience in the genre. He stated that $10 billion is a conservative estimate as Tesla has plans like Model 3 production, production of a new Semi truck, Roadster, and a Model Y, building of new factories, along with initiating the production of glass roof tiles of solar material.

He further added that depleting the investment planning for a growth company is not favorable which Tesla did in the previous quarter by reducing the amount to $3 billion from $3.4 billion.

Victor Dill

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