James Tidwell June 18, 2018

Comcast is now ready to handle Internet traffic congestion and does not require throttling measures.

With internet users on the increase, Comcast was able to handle this congestion only through throttling measures to slow down the speed.

Does this have something to do with the repeal of net neutrality rule passed recently?

Comcast explains that DOCSIS gateways and modems are being used by the current Internet users , by which traffic has been reduced. The improved network system has also contributed to addressing congestion problems, says Comcast.

Comcast has been using the throttling system for almost 10 Years now (from 2008), but currently, it has been disabled. For the past one year, Comcast has been slowing down it’s throttling measures to make it almost inactive. But in 2018, it has disabled traffic throttling completely.

A new system for congestion management may be introduced if it is seen as a necessity, says the management. The required update will be provided if any changes are made, says Comcast in an announcement made on Monday.

However, data caps have not been stopped. The monthly payment for those exceeding 1 TB is charged an extra $10, for every 50 GB used. An optional package is a monthly payment of $50 for unlimited data.

Though an explanation for disabling of congestion management has been provided, the company has not offered an explanation for continuing its data cap fee.

Currently, ISP’s are still following the net neutrality rules, but will it continue? There are chances of blocking and throttling emerging by being publicly disclosed and followed up, with the repeal of net neutrality rules.

Ajit Pai, the Chairman of FEE, had announced the repeal of net neutrality, allowing companies complete freedom to block or throttle Internet traffic or to offer premium rates for Internet speed. But the practices followed by the network management about their performance have to be disclosed, according to the new rules implemented.

James Tidwell

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