James Tidwell June 15, 2018

Previously, there had been a rush regarding the net neutrality rules. However, it was thought to be over, which imposed a set of rules on the ISPs or the Internet Service Providers in order to offer the online access. The Federal Communications Commission had voted in opposition to the rules that were set by the law.

Now, a new batch of rules will be implemented that will get over the previous protections. Some of the companies are even thinking to be charged higher and encounter slower connection as a result of the repeal.

As per Ajit Pai, the FCC chairman appointed by Trump, the latest lighter rules are more efficient and market-friendly than the ones which were instated during the time when Obama was the President. Hence, the government has decided to take a firm measure to get over the crisis. Pai stated that from Monday, the smaller internet service providers will be allowed to intervene in the market by implementing more broadband connections. This will not only allow more Americans to get connected to the digitized world but will also enhance the competition in the market.

As per the latest law, the contents which are either being blocked or restricted by the ISPs on the connections of the broadband will have to be disclosed. The ISPs have revealed that they will not restrict the delivery of any content but may charge an extra amount for delivering certain contents.

The moment Pai released his statement; FCC was sued by 20 states. Many governors have also sanctioned orders that demanded the ISPs doing business with their respective states will have to maintain the net neutrality. People who were the firm supporters of the Net Neutrality have not left any stones unturned in order to stop the new rules from getting implemented.

People are still hopeful with a public vote regarding the issue.

James Tidwell

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