Victor Dill June 14, 2018

Google has acquired AlMatter to enable detection and processing of images.

Artificial intelligence allows for computer vision too. Computer vision that allows computers ‘see’, just like human beings is going to be the next technology that is being evolved.

 AlMatter is a startup from Belarus. The platform from AlMatter helps in detection and processing of images on mobile devices. It has also developed Fabby, an app to edit photo and video. The AlMatter platform is neural network-based.

Google has been aiming for this startup from AlMatter. With this deal, Google can take its stride in Eastern Europe to develop the new computer vision technology. Similarly, Facebook has acquired Masquerade another startup from Belarusia.

Yury Melnichek, the founding investor of AlMattter has also sold VentureBeat to Google. It can be added that he was working as a software engineer at eBay and Google, earlier. is a mobile map service which was co-founded by Melnichek. It has been acquired by from Russia.

Melnichek along with Andrei Avsievich has launched Bulba Ventures a new investment vehicle. Bulba aims to bring in startups in Belarus that are based on machine learning. By investing around $100,000 to $500,000, the proposal is to cover other areas like Ukraine and Russia.

Machine learning startups are the need of the hour, as it can help the environment and the society. Melnichek feels that by making money in these startups, they can be used to start more ventures.

Some of the startups from Bulba Ventures are OneSoil to develop agricultural productivity, Wannaby, a beauty startup and Rocketbody, an app in fitness training developed by Al.

There are more startups proposed as an add-on service from Bulba. Bulba Ventures is a small establishment that is keen for more opportunities to bring in more value to startups, especially in machine learning projects, feels Melnichek.

Victor Dill

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