Sasha Farrell June 12, 2018

Airbnb gained an immense popularity the moment it was launched. It is an online home-sharing business worth $30 billion that allows people visiting a foreign land to stay in the houses at an affordable cost. However, Japan has tweaked the law in regards to the way of sharing houses, which has led to the cancelation of thousands of bookings, leading to the tremendous dissatisfaction of the clients.

As per the latest law instated by the government of Japan, the hosts will have to abide by the stricter laws to carry with their home-sharing business. The listing of the hosts needs to be registered along with displaying their licenses by June 15, 2018, in order to keep the business running at the similar pace. Airbnb has also expressed its concern regarding the law as the latest regulations will affect the reservations greatly.

Japan has a panoramic beauty that people across the globe come to cherish in huge numbers. The decision in will cause the tourists a serious trouble as the reservations were canceled at the final moment. The government had said that a host that doesn’t have any license number will have to cancel the bookings that were done before June 15.

In order to abide by the latest law, Airbnb has accumulated a lot of dissatisfaction of the clients. However, it has decided to design a fund of $10 million in order to help the people who either had to bear an extra expense due to the booking cancelation or had to reschedule their travel plan.

Asia is one of the fastest developing markets for Airbnb and Japan created the first hindrance for it to run their business. Previously, the company had said that it will be sharing the information of the people visiting China with the government, which includes passport and travel details.

Though the business has a great prospect, the future of the same is yet to be seen.

Sasha Farrell

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