James Tidwell June 12, 2018

The recent summit has bared a clear line of difference between Trump and the other leaders of the G7 nations due to the differences in the opinions.

The President of the US had startled everyone by expressing his desire to readmit Russia into the group of the top industrialized nations after it was expelled from the group due to the annexing Crimea.

However, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor has clearly stated her opinion that the members of the European Union who are attending the summit are clearly against the idea proposed by the President of the US.

Trump has also said that his meeting with Emmanuel Macron, the French President is the test of trade but they are working out the differences efficiently. However, Macron had said that the disagreements are being sorted with the willingness from both the ends.

The French presidential assistant had stated that the trade dialogue between the US and EU will initiate in a fortnight at a technical level.

The summit has taken a very feeble flight and may end with a disagreement. The differences between Trump and the other leaders are not only restricted to the trade but has extended in the other arenas like the conflict of Israel-Palestine, climate change, and the relationship with Iran.

Angela Merkel has expressed her feelings by stating that it is better to speak the heart’s content. This will set the clear differences among the members rather than opting for a virtual path, making the world misunderstand that everything is going on the right track. However, Trump is still hopeful of a positive progress.

Trump is not in favor of group negotiations and will leave the station of the summit before it ends. His next stop will be at Singapore to settle a one-to-one deal with Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader.

James Tidwell

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